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Issuing Financial Support Bonds to Assist the House of Cinema

The public relations office of the House of Cinema announced that following the approval and announcement of the two-year programs of the board of directors of the society of film guilds, the first part of which related to strengthening the financial resources of the House of Cinema, the managing director of the House of Cinema asked Merila Zarei, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, Reza Mirkarimi, Manouchehr Shahsavari and Maziar Miri to form a work group and take over the task of planning and developing the financial resources of the House of Cinema.
In its first session on January 1, the work group selected Maziar Miri as its secretary.
In their weekly sessions the members of the work group have so far devised four methods and approaches for the strengthening of the financial resources of the House of Cinema which are to be implemented concurrently after the necessary planning has been completed.
In its first practical measure the work group will be trying to issue financial support bonds with a view to enabling the House of Cinema to meet its financial obligations for the implementation of educational, social welfare programs and the organization of the 14th feast of cinema.
After the failure of the agencies for the provision of the budget and credit facilities of the House of Cinema in the past year and the lack of financial and budgetary agreement in the current year the House of Cinema now faces a 600 million toman debt.


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