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Report of the Iranian Motion Picture Delegation at the LA-based Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Day 4


A visit to Panavision Company was the scheduled program of the fourth day for the Iranian guests of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In a visit to the headquarters of the Panavision camera manufacturing and maintenance company, the Iranian moviemakers had an up close look at the operational processes of manufacturing, presentation and maintenance. The walls of entrance hallways were lined with a collection of film pictures by celebrated advertising photographer C. William Horrell. Also, a bust of William Frieze Greene, a motion picture pioneer known as the inventor of cinematography, adorns the entrance hallway of the company. Three halls of approx. 500 sqm each are used as workshops for montage, and also repair and maintenance of Panavision cameras. Except for one smaller hall with closed doors and tight security checks for camera design and technical operations, all other sections were run as open workshop offices. The company originally started with the goal to manufacture and sell cinematography cameras, but for the past 20 years it only manufactures and rents them.

Panavision Marketing Manager Andy Romanov said: “This way we always have control over the quality of our cameras, and the people who repair the cameras are the same ones who manufactured them in the first place, which is a great advantage in maintaining the quality, precision and life expectancy of the cameras.” He added: “Arri sells its cameras only once, but we have cameras that have been working and being rented since 1965.”

In a showcase at a hallway leading to one of the workshops, three Oscar statuettes are displayed, awarded to the company for camera manufacturing and lighting, explains the PR and Marketing Manager of the company. In 1974, Panavision manufactured its first camera which was first used by director Steven Spielberg. The company also manufactures its own lenses since 1980. A screening room for film testing has been set up in a corner of the two story building for the use of directors. Panavision headquarters now has more than 400 cameras in workflow, and this figure does not exclude Panavision agencies in other states. During the visit, the PR and Marketing Manager provided comprehensive answers to all the questions posed by the Iranian filmmakers.

In the afternoon of the fourth day, the Iranian motion picture delegation went to the famed Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, where the biggest motion picture award ceremony of the world (Oscars) is annually held in Kodak Theater. Guided by Iranian US resident Basil Behzadi, the Iranian filmmakers visited this LA tourist attraction and had a look at mementos from American stars.


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