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            Iran Cinema Celebration

History of Iran Cinema Celebration

Concurrent with the 12th Fajr International Film Festival, House of Cinema’s Board of Directors made a decision on the necessity of organizing a cinema celebration by the House of Cinema.

The jury of the 1st celebration was responsible for selecting the categorical best film and best artist from among the cinematic productions of the year 1993. Accordingly, in May 1994, the first gathering of cinema artists and involved people and organization was held at the House of Cinema. After a speech delivered by the speaker of the House of Cinema, the jury’s decisions was read and the plaques of recognition and statues of the House of Cinema were presented to the winners by the secretary of the special jury for motion pictures competition.

Later in 1996, it was felt that there should be a professional film festival in which members of each guild could select the best achievements by their own peers. In early 1997, House of Cinema’s board members decided to define specialized regulations in order to turn the House of Cinema’s celebration into a festival in which juries of the motion picture guilds can select the best achievements by their own members in the categories of directing, acting (by actors and actresses), cinematography, producing, original score, editing, sound, screenplay, special effects, makeup and costume/set design. It was also decided that the House of Cinema’s motion picture award ceremony should be renamed as “Iran Cinema Celebration”.

In July 1997, a large number of member artists of the 28 Iranian motion picture guilds gathered together at the Vahdat Hall to participate in the 3rd award ceremony of the House of Cinema, which was in fact the 1st Iran Cinema Celebration. The event was attended by the Iranian President, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Vice President of Cinematic Affairs, cultural authorities and prominent figures of the country’s art scenes, specifically cinema.

During the event, 15 statues and diplomas of honor were presented to the artists and members of the Iranian Cinema. The ceremony was concluded by presenting President Hashemi Rafsanjani with the Golden Statue of the Iran Cinema Celebration.

According to the resolution of the Board of Directors, a fixed date was to be selected for the annual event. Accordingly, 21st of Shahrivar (September) was proposed and selected as the National Day of Cinema in Iran and the fixed date of the annual Iran Cinema Celebration. Since then, plaques of recognition and statues of the House of Cinema have been annually presented on this date to the outstanding achievements in different motion picture categories.

The main difference between Ian Cinema Celebration and other Iranian film festivals is in the selection process. The best achievements in different categories are selected by the members of motion picture guilds and associations, and the awards are handed to the winners by prominent personalities, outstanding figures and veteran artists in their own categories. This type of professional selection by the members of motion picture guilds has been very well received among the general audience, as video copies of the award ceremonies are among the fast selling items in stores.

In the past years, more than 10 governmental and private companies and institutions have co-sponsored the Iran Cinema Celebration, thus achieving an excellent opportunity to promote their own organizations through the annual event.


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