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Members of the 12th Board of Directors of the House of Cinema Were Selected

The public relations office of the House of Cinema has announced that the general assembly of the House of Cinema was convened with the participation of 27 members from 29 film trade guilds at 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 12, 2010. 
The assembly was formed in the presence of Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour (president of the board of directors), Farhad Towhidi (vice-president of the board of directors) and Ebrahim Mokhtari (House of the cinema inspector). In the beginning of the session the report of the activities of the board of directors was examined, and members of the film trade guilds posed questions to the president of the board of directors and brought up certain points.
Several members from the film trade guilds asked the reason for the absence of representatives from the producers guild to which the inspector of the House of Cinema provided answers by referring to the previously approved points by the assembly.
Then presiding members of the assembly, comprising Naser Mamdouh as the president, Zinat Reza as the assembly secretary, and Hafez Ahmadi and Maryam Hazhirvand as supervisors of the assembly, were selected.
After the announcement of the names of the nominees and 3-minute speeches by each of the nominees, voting for the selection of members of the boards of directors was conducted and 7 principal members and 2 proxy members were selected as follows:
Principal Members:
Merila Zarei (25 votes), Farhad Towhidi (24 votes), Amir Esbati (22 votes), Ebrahim Mokhtari (20 votes),  Mohammad Sarir (19 votes), Mohammad Reza Moini (19 votes), Touraj Mansouri (18 votes).
Proxy Members:
Sirus Alvand and Morteza Razzaq Karimi.
The session continued by voting for the inspectors with the following results:
Inspector: Mehdi Khadem
Proxy Inspector: Keyvan Kasirian

In the end the general assembly commissioned the selected Board of directors to clear up the issue of membership of the high council of producers and receive of the approved charter of the general assembly of the high council of the producers before the end of Iranian year (March 20, 2011), and present the relevant report to the general assembly of the house of Cinema.
Also, the general assembly commissioned the board of directors to introduce the central members of work group for the amendment of the charter and report the outcome.



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