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        Managing Directors of the House of Cinema

Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour (2008)

Born in 1963 in Tehran, Asgarpour is a graduate of the IRIB College of Radio and Television.

Executive Background:

- Member of the Cultural Department of Farabi Cinema Foundation since establishment
- Deputy of the Department of War of Farabi Cinema Foundation
- Director of the Children and Young Adults Group of Sima 2 Network
- Acting Director of Sima 2 Network
- Managing Director of Farabi Cinema Foundation
- Deputy of the Department of Arts of Tehran Municipality’s Organization of Art and Culture
- Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the House of Cinema
- Secretary of the 17th and 18th Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children & Young Adults
- Secretary of the 20th and 21st Fajr International Film Festival
- Secretary of the 9th Iran Cinema Celebration
- Secretary of the 1st Tehran International Sculpture Symposium
- Secretary of the World Award of Monotheistic Religions

Filmmaking Background

- Several short and semi long feature films (1987-1989)
- Feature films (director): Flying High, Ghadamgah (aka Sacred Footprints), Eghlima (aka Climates), 7:05
- Series (writer/director): The Highest Point, Roohollah, Tropical Flowers

Seyyed Reza Mir Karimi (2006-2008)

Born in 1966 in Tehran, Mir Karimi graduated in Graphics from the University of Art. He began his cinema career in 1996 as a short film director.

Feature Films (director): The Child and the Soldier, Under the Moonlight, Here is a shining light and So Faraway, So Close


Seyyed Zia Hashemi (2004-2006)

Born in 1958 in Tehran, Hashemi began his career in 1983 as a feature film producer and distributor.

Feature Films include: The Doll Thief, Day of the Angel, Visit, Day of the Devil, Protest and The Havana File

Abolhassan Davudi (2002-2006)

Born in 1955 in Neishabur, Davudi graduated in Directing from the College of Film and Television. He began his career in 1987 as a writer, writing articles on cinema and co-writing the screenplay of the feature film “Payizan”.

Feature Films (director): Journey of Love, The Extraordinary Journey, Pickpockets don’t go to Heaven, Ilia, the young painter, I love the Earth, Sweet smell of life, Rain Man, Bread, love and motorcycle 1000, Crossroads

Manouchehr Mohammadi (2001-2002)

Born in 1956 in Abadan, Mohammadi graduated in Sociology from Tehran University. He began his career in 1979 as a TV series producer. >
TV Series: Bu Ali Sina (aka Avicenna), House in waiting, From Karkheh to Rhine, Traveler of Rey, Red Soil
Feature Films: Refugee, The Singer Cat, The Spouse, I love the Earth, The Survivor, Under the Moonlight, The Low Heights, Lizard, M for Mother.


Yadollah Samadi (1998-2001)

Born in 1952 in Maragheh, Samadi began his career in 1972 as an assistant director in cinema and television.

Feature Films (director): The man who knew too much, The Bus, Savalan, Apartment No. 13, Two and a half persons, Domrol, Miracle of Laughter, Saray, City of Chaos

Ahmad Reza Darvish (1996-1999)

Born in 1961 in Tehran, Darvish graduated in Graphics and Architecture from the University of Art. He began his artistic career in 1982 as a Teleplay director.

Feature Films (director): The Last Flight, Lucifer, Lightning, Kimia, Land of the Sun, Born under Libra, Duel

Turaj Mansuri (1995-1996)

Born in 1954 in Tehran, Mansuri graduated in Cinema from the Ashland University in Oregon (USA). He began his cinema career as an assistant director for “The man who know too much”, directed by Yadollah Samadi.

Feature Films (DP): Frosty Roads, Beyond the Mist, Moonlight Travelers, Station, Memory and Visit, Eye of the Hurricane, Hamoun, Evil Rising, Baanoo (aka The Lady), Omid, Come with me, Zero Heights, Battle of Oil Tankers, The Heart and the Dagger, Face, Saghar, Bread, love and motorcycle 1000, Mom’s Guest, Crossroads, …
Feature Films (director): Fresh Air, Toy, Deadly Escape, The Choice


Mohammad Aghajani (1993-1994)


Manoochehr Asgari-Nasab (1989-1992)

Born in 1936 in Kerman, Asgari-Nasab received his BA in Cinema & Television from the University of Fine Arts and his MA in USA. He began his career as a documentary director and also directed and produced several feature films and series. He has also taught directing at the IRIB College, Sooreh Institute of Higher Education and College of Cinema & Theater

Feature Films (director/producer): The Long Fall, Hey, Joe!, House in Waiting, Beyond the Mist, Survivor, The Spouse, The Suitcase


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