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Board of Directors of the 12th (Current) term

 Farhad Towhidi
Born in Rasht in 1956, he graduated in dramatic art from the college of Dramatic Arts. He began his artistic career by working with Fifth of Azar Group in 1976, and he has been a member of the Iranian Dramatic Arts Society from19 79 to 1982. He has written scripts for the TV series: Mr. Dollar, The Last Day of the Summer, Half-Hidden Apartment, Let the Sun Rise, The Lost Paradise, Once Upon a Time, The Green Song, Cactus 1 & 3, Mr. Nikbakht’s Heirs, New Year Stories, Search in the City, Circle of Doubt, Street Kids, A Fistful of Eagle’s Feathers.
He has also written scripts for the movies: The Wrong Man, Sweet Jam, Tokyo Nonstop, The World, Look at the Sky Sometimes, The Bachelors, the Unfaithful, The Havana Case, Reward of Silence, 7 and % Minutes.
Managerial background: Member of board of teachers of the theatrical artists and workers 1981, former inspector at the House of Cinema, Head of the central council of the Iranian screenwriters center since, 2001, head of the board of trustees of screenplay bank since 2007, vice-chairman of the board of directors of the House of Cinema 2008, founder of the screenplay training section of the workshop school of screenplay training at the arts bureau, screenplay writing teacher at Soureh college, Tehran University, Fine arts university, Arts university, College of cinema and theater since 1996.
Publications: The Wrong Man (script, Arts Bureau), The World (script, Towfiq Afarin), Noon on the Tenth Day (Soroush)
Under publication: Reward of Silence (Towfiq Afarin)

 Amir Esbati
Born in 1956, Amir Esbati graduated in architecture from the fine arts college of Tehran University. He has been member of the council of the Iranian film museum, and has worked as set and costume designer on more that 30 films and TV series. He has also been active in the film graphics area (creating animations, film credits design, and posters for films and TV series). He has won prizes at Fajr International Film Festival, feast of cinema of the House of Cinema, annual awards by film periodicals.
Film guild activities include: membership in the founding board of the Iranian film designers society, board of directors of the Iranian film designers society (several terms), board of directors of the House of Cinema (two terms), representative of the Iranian designers society in various councils and committees of the House of Cinema.

 Ebrahim Mokhtari
Born in 1957, he is a graduate of the College of Television and Cinema, and in 1978 he received a M.A. degree from Paris University. He began his career by working in the IRIB, first as assistant director on the TV series such as the Brave Men of Tangastan. He then started making documentaries, and in 1993 his first feature film titled Zinat which was screened at the critics week at the Cannes film Festival in 1994. He was a member of the board of founders of the Iranian documentary filmmakers society and was selected as the chairman of the board of directors of the society for the first two terms. His documentary films include the Fast Rider, Caviar, Balouchi Bread, A Tenant’s Life, A Fishing Trip, Saffron, and the feature films Molla Khadijeh and the Children, Zinat, A Special Day. He was elected as inspector at the latest general assembly of the House of Cinema.


Born in 1943 in Tehran, Sarir has a BA in Economy from Tehran University, an MA in Political Science from Faculty of Political Science, and a PhD in Economy from the University of Economy in Vienna, Austria. He has had continuous cooperation with the central council of the Association of Iranian Composers, and has composed original scores for feature films, TV programs and “Lasting Melodies” for more than 4 decades of artistic career. He has been a member of the arbitrary council of the House of Cinema since establishment, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Iranian House of Music.

Mohammad Reza Moini
Born in 1957, he graduated from the college of cinema and television and began to work in television in 1979.
Artistic activities: Editing over 40 feature films, and over 15 documentary films and TV films, did credit design and made trailers for many feature films, winning 2 Crystal Simorgh prizes at Fajr festivals, 4 statuettes for best editing and best trailer at Iranian cinema ceremonies.
Teaching: Teaching editing at Sooreh College.
Guild activities: member of the founding board of the Iranian cinema editors center, member of the board of directors of the Iranian cinema editors center for several terms, member of the board of directors of the House of Cinema for two terms (1994 – 1998), representative of the Iranian cinema editors center at the House of Cinema councils for several terms, director of Iranian cinema editors center for the last two terms.

Morteza Razaq-Karimi
Morteza Razaq-Karimi, born in 1963/Tabriz
While studying economics and film production, started working as film programmer and executive producer. In 1992 founded Dega-film and produced many documentary and feature films in Iran and co-production with European countries
He was a jury member: in 3rd Yadegaar Film Festival, Council to review the policies of Roshd International Film Festival, documentary section in 8th ceremony of Khaneh-Cinema, first Police Film Festival, Tehran International Short Film Festival, second City Film Festival, Aashoora film Festival, Martyr Avini Film Festival, documentary and feature films competition in 11th Khaneh-Cinema ceremony, first Cinema-Haghighat Film Festival, selection of Iranian film for Oscar Academy Awards, first Jamm Film Festival, member of cultural and research council in Documentary and Experimental Film Center, council of production in Hozeh-Honari, research department of ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance, first Raahbaraan Film Festival, 12th Khaneh-Cinema film competition ceremony, 27th Fajr Film Festival, executive director of opening and ending ceremonies of Fajr Film Festival, 3rd City International Film Festival, 4th Kosar Film Festival, and member of film council in Documentary and Experimental Film Center.
Member of founders of documentary film producers’ society, director of the board for six terms, member of board of directors of Khaneh-Cinema for three terms, member of Iranian Film Producers Union.
Producer of documentary films: memories for all seasons ( 5 episodes), Desertification (10 episodes), traditional foods (10 episodes), family in Iran (28 episodes), journey to unknown earth(directed by Wolfgang Taler; coproduced with ORF network-Austria), Itinerary of Tavernier; coproduced with Switzerland) directed by Philip Nicole, Iran –Tehran; directed by Mostafa Razaq-Karimi; introducing Iran to Austrian schools, Christine ; directed by Mohammad Jafari (best film award in 4th Khaneh-Cinema film competition ceremony.

Executive producer of: passing through Iran Deserts; directed by Fakhreddin Seyyedi, Iranian children (26 episodes)

Producer of Yaad-oYadegaar (Mostafa Razaq-Karimi…Farhaad Varahraam), the woman keeps silence (Ahmad Amini), who killed Amir (Mahdi Karampoor) , Hidden sense (Mostafa Razaq-Karimi), Slowly in silence (Farzaad Motamen), One minute 11 seconds (Mostafa Razaq-Karimi).

Team of <Memories for all seasons>

Producer: Morteza Razaq-Karimi

Director: Mostafa Razaq-Karimi

Screenplay: Mostafa Razaq-Karimi…Sam Kalantari

Executive producer: Sam Kalantari

Director of photography: Mehran Malakooti (Iran), Victor Schneider (Austria)

Edit and Sound mix: Mohammad Poorfar

First assistant of photography: Amir Jamshidi…Mahdi Eskandari…Kaamraan Mahdavi

Sound recorder: Ashkaan Fattahi

First assistant director and programmer: Mohsen Moradi

Co-coordinator (Austria): Meysam Varahraam

Translator: Yashar Javan


Iranian director’s memories of dispatching chemically injured soldiers to Austria as he had seen closely, is the base of .This documentary shows the situation of these chemically injured, the doctors, Western world media covering the story in a new dramatic structure.

Seyed Mehdi Khadem Haqiqat
Born in 1963, he holds a bachelor degree in management.
Artistic activities: manager of movie theater since 1986.
Film guild activities: member of the board of founders of the movie theater managers association since 1989, member of the board of directors of the movie theater managers association, organizer of specialized training courses in movie theater management, member of the high council of the jury of the House of Cinema,, secretary and member of the board of jury of the House of Cinema, manager of the House of Cinema screening halls at Fajr film festivals.

Born in 1963 in Tehran, Asgarpour is a graduate of the IRIB College of Radio and Television.

Executive Background:

- Member of the Cultural Department of Farabi Cinema Foundation since establishment
- Deputy of the Department of War of Farabi Cinema Foundation
- Director of the Children and Young Adults Group of Sima 2 Network
- Acting Director of Sima 2 Network
- Managing Director of Farabi Cinema Foundation
- Deputy of the Department of Arts of Tehran Municipality’s Organization of Art and Culture
- Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the House of Cinema
- Secretary of the 17th and 18th Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children & Young Adults
- Secretary of the 20th and 21st Fajr International Film Festival
- Secretary of the 9th Iran Cinema Celebration
- Secretary of the 1st Tehran International Sculpture Symposium
- Secretary of the World Award of Monotheistic Religions

Filmmaking Background

- Several short and semi long feature films (1987-1989)
- Feature films (director): Flying High, Ghadamgah (aka Sacred Footprints), Eghlima (aka Climates), 7:05
- Series (writer/director): The Highest Point, Roohollah, Tropical Flowers


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