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2nd Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema Wrapped up

2nd Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema Wrapped up


In a ceremony attended by writers, publishers and moviemakers, the 2nd Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema was held on Thursday April 30, 2009 at the House of Cinema’s Convention Hall.


Host Kamran Maleki stated in his opening speech: “House of Cinema has shaped up and launched the Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema in order to live up to its mission to acknowledge the efforts concentrated on printed culture of the Iranian cinema, to set a trend in the creation and publication of cinematic printed literature, and to honor the creative minds within this field.


During the event, House of Cinema’s Managing Director Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour presented an account of the process in which the Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema was shaped up. Acknowledging Seyyed Reza Mir-Karimi as the originator of this cultural movement during his management tenure at the House of Cinema, he added: “It is so great to see that the publishers, translators and authors have participated in this event with 35 book titles published this past year.”


He also said: “The great thing about trade activities is this kind of cultural, professional programs, although guild and trade disagreements and quarrels can go on forever, especially if we put our personal gains and interests before general, professional ones. Hopefully, with the increase of knowledge and experience in collective efforts, the spirit of synergy and teamwork aimed at the long term interests can develop and become established as a fundamental attitude.”


Afterwards, a clip in tribute to Zaven Ghukasyan was screened, in which Kianoush Ayari, Khosrow Sinai, Jamshid Arjmand and Minoo Farshchi talked about the personality and works of Zaven Ghukasyan. Bahman Farmanara then described Ghukasyan as a good friend who has written kind critics not for himself but for all moviemakers, saying: “Zaven promoted cinema in Isfahan. It is safe to say that he was like an agent of influence for the cinema of Isfahan. He organized the most successful short film festival in Isfahan, which was discontinued after three events because of the surrounding narrow-mindedness.”


Next, Fatemeh Motamed Arya and Bahman Farmanara presented Zaven Ghukasyan with a plaque of recognition. The plaque read: 


‘Esteemed Colleague Mr. Zaven Ghukasyan,


The 2nd Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema is proud to applaud years of persistent work by such a refined writer in the field of cinema, who has wholeheartedly devoted himself to the advancement of cinema in Iran. May God bless you with health and might to continue your work in the same line.


Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour

Managing Director

House of Cinema’


Following, Zaven Ghukasyan toke the podium, expressing his gratitude to all those who, in his words, have raised him up on their shoulders, including Arbi Avanesian, Masoud Kimiai, Bahram Beizai, Mohammad Reza Aslani, Bahman Farmanara, Parviz Davai, Shamim Bahar and Jamshid Arjmand. In conclusion, he emphasized his intense unhappiness over the unkind and harsh treatment of the limited cinematic assets of our country by some critics.


After the screening of a clip in introduction of the jury, spokesman Farhad Tohidi read out the jury statement as follows:


‘The 2nd Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema has been held with more success than the previous event.


Fortunately, publishers and translators have presented the cinema enthusiasts with significant works in translated titles, which will definitely open up new discussions in cinematic studies.


However, the jury has to state the fact that in the writing section, the production of cinematic titles shows the same serious deficiency as the last year. Writing new works is of utmost importance, especially in the present circumstances when our national cinema is in need of more fundamental cinematic studies and theorization and organization of the cinema industry. Creation of thought and philosophy is a setting for the creation of motion pictures. It is the wish of the jury that the future events of the Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema will be rich with serious and outstanding works of writing.’


Following the statement, awards were presented to the best writer, translator, publisher and compiler of the year. At the end of the ceremony, winners of the 2nd Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema posed for a group photograph with the jury members. Also, brochures were distributed among the participants, offering a report on the 1st Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema as well as information about the 2nd event’s jury members and awards, tribute to Zaven Ghukasyan and invitation to participation in the 3rd Book of the Year Festival of the Iranian Cinema.

















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