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Iranian Cinema Society said farewell to late director Seifollah Dad

Iranian Cinema Society said farewell to late director Seifollah Dad

At a memorial service held on Wednesday July 29, at the building 2 of the House of Cinema, cinema executives, veteran filmmakers, artists, friends and family members said farewell to the Seifollah Dad, noted Iranian film director and a cancer survivor who passed away at the age of 54 due to heart failure at Tehran’s Mehr hospital Tuesday morning.

Opening the ceremony, House of Cinema’s Managing Director Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour said a few words about this prominent figure of Iranian cinema, stating: “Seifollah Dad had few films in his professional profile, but even one was proof enough for his great abilities. He was also a very hardworking manager. He persistently followed up a lot of issues which might not come to result for the time being but will be effective in long term.”

Next on the podium was actor Reza Kianian, who said: “Seifollah Dad was one on the most educated managers in the Iranian cinema industry. We were going to work together on a movie but it never happened. I’m telling him here and now, let’s do this when I cross over. Surely people over there need a little entertainment too!”

Another speaker was director Alireza Raisian who said: “Seifollah was a special person in cinema; he was a combination of sense, sensibility and humanity. Behind the camera or the management desk, Seifollah never changed. And how rare such people are; those who are not changed by a desk.”

The next speaker was Director of Shiraz Radio and Television Reza Kashani, who said: “Seifollah came to Shiraz Radio and Television as a trainee, and from the very first day did a lot of great things with the cooperation of his friends. I am honored to have been a part of the university which presented people like him to the Iranian art and culture. To know a precious gem is the highest accomplishment one can hope for in his lifetime, and we knew that gem, and we are proud of Seifollah today.”

Next was Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti, who mentioned the tribute ceremony for Seifollah Dad at the Iran Cinema Celebration, saying: “As I said back then, the realm of culture and art is like a river. It takes a lot of things along, and on the course of the river there are lone trees which soar so high that they overshadow the river flowing under them. Dad was one such tree; a free, exalted and evergreen tree who left us everlasting works.”

Referring to Dad’s term as the Cinema Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Beheshti added: “I believed cinema artists cannot be good managers unless they are exceptions, and Seifollah was one of these exceptions. Even when Mohajerani chose him as his deputy director I told him it was a mistake, but today I admit that I was wrong. He was an exception; a good artist and a good manager, a great manager with great understanding.” 

Next was Ali Moallem, who said: “In this day and age when everyone makes films left and right, he made three good movies. In this dearth of real artists, he was a capable manager who believed in dialogue.”

He further added: “In a time when it’s so hard to hang on to your humanity, so hard to stay benevolent, he went his own way, did his thing and stayed human; he never sold his personal principles for social norms.”

Manoochehr Mohammadi was the last speaker, who said: “Seifollah loved people. From the time he started his political life in Khorramshahr at the age of 14, he lived to his last day with the love of his people and his country.”

During the service, Hesameddin Seraj recited a few verses in memory of Seifollah Dad. The late filmmaker’s sister and son also offered a few words, appreciating the sympathy and presence of people and fellow artists in his funeral.

Seifollah Dad was born in 1955 in Khorramshahr. He graduated in Sociology from Shiraz University in 1972 and started his cinema career in 1985 by directing “Under the Rain”. His filmmaking profile includes Kani-manga (1987- writer/director), Children of Divorce (1989- editor), On the Altar of Love (1990- editor), The Satan (1990- editor), Hoor on Fire (1991- director’s advisor/editor), Kirkuk Operation (1991- editor), From Karkheh to Rhein (1992- project executer) and Survivor (1995- writer/director/editor).

He was also a member of script evaluation council of the film and TV series group of SIMA 1 until 1983, member of the cultural section of Farabi Cinema Foundation and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, one of the founders of Sina Film Production, Director of the Islamic Educational Center of Filmmaking at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the House of Cinema (1995-1997), Cinematic Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (1997-2000), and member of jury at several Iran Cinema Celebrations.

In his last official presence in cinematic gatherings, Seifollah Dad attended a tribute ceremony at the 12th Iran Cinema Celebration where he received high accolade for his lifetime achievements by the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds.

Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds offers sincere condolences on the sad death of this devoted friend and colleague to all artists and filmmakers of the Iranian cinema industry.


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