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National Conference of Art Management

National Conference of Art Management

December 2-3, 2009

House of Cinema




‘Every Day in New Splendor Doth He Shine.’



Dear valued friend,


You are cordially invited to participate in the National Conference of Art Management. Your attendance will help us breathe a new life into our quest to realize a dialogue on our being.


Dr. Mehdi Hojjat

Secretary of the Conference




Wednesday December 2, 2009


Scientific Secretary of Music: Dr. Mohammad Sarir

Scientific Secretary of Cinema: Farhad Tohidi


Opening Speech: Dr. Mehdi Hojjat



  • Hossein Salimi
    Structural Obstacles of Art Development and Management in Iran
  • Hassan Sabilan Ardestani
    Regulations of Cinema, Theater, Music; Challenges and Voids
  • Mahmood Gol Mohammadi
    Role of Art Management in Art Trend-Making
  • Ahmad Talebinejad
    Conditions for Realizing the Ideal Cultural Management
  • Mostafa Asadzadeh
    Political Sociology of Cinema in Iran
  • Abolhassan Mokhtabad
    Effect of Cultural Theory on Music Management
  • Mohammad Hassan Hamedi
    Art Management and Art Critique
  • Shadmehr Rastin
    Gardener and Carpenter
  • Alireza Dolatshahi
    Necessity of Reviewing Art Management



Thursday December 3, 2009


Scientific Secretary of Visual Arts: Aydin Aghdashloo

Scientific Secretary of Theater: Iraj Rad



  • Seyyed Mojtaba Hosseini
    Study of the Role of Ruling Power on the Blossoming of Art
  • Ghotboddin Sadeghi
    Conditions for Realizing the Ideal Cultural Management
  • Alireza Rahimi
    Education and Art
  • Ebrahim Gholampoor Ahangar
    Professional Management; A Trade Need or a General One
  • Arash Shirinbab, Seyyed Vahid Karimian
    Union of Management and Art
  • Ali Akbar Jafarikhah
    Art Management and the Process of Creation
  • Reza Dabirinejad, Mohammad Hekmat
    Management, a Different Experience in Art Management
  • Omid Mohkami
    Art Management in the Timurid Era
  • Mohammad Ali Hossein-Nejad
    The Age of Art Management
  • Manoochehr Akbarloo
    Management of the Economy of Cinema


Closing Speech: Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour


Time: 09:30 - 12:00 • Lunch Break • 14:00 - 16:30

Venue: House of Cinema’s Convention Hall, 23 Semnan St., South Bahar Ave., Tehran



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